Sunday, September 30, 2012


 I couldn't sleep last night, or the night before that, or the night... Well you get the idea ~ not much sleep. My brain won't turn off. I've moved into a smaller house. I cannot completely unpack because it would force me into getting rid of items I dragged over here. I cannot sew or weave in the mayhem and madness that is my home. Therefore, I have thought of MANY things to make! I need to make about 20 quilts, just a few right? I have altered a couple HotPatterns in my sketch book - must try these ideas. I signed up for two classes on Craftsy this past spring. I made a dress, for Maggie, in the first class but need to finish my "designer" jeans.

I haven't responded to emails from my artsy friends lately. I've let things I love fall away because of how overwhelmed I feel everyday by the changes going on in my life. Changes I want and need but that are still overwhelming.

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Hi Heather,
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