Sunday, September 30, 2012


 I couldn't sleep last night, or the night before that, or the night... Well you get the idea ~ not much sleep. My brain won't turn off. I've moved into a smaller house. I cannot completely unpack because it would force me into getting rid of items I dragged over here. I cannot sew or weave in the mayhem and madness that is my home. Therefore, I have thought of MANY things to make! I need to make about 20 quilts, just a few right? I have altered a couple HotPatterns in my sketch book - must try these ideas. I signed up for two classes on Craftsy this past spring. I made a dress, for Maggie, in the first class but need to finish my "designer" jeans.

I haven't responded to emails from my artsy friends lately. I've let things I love fall away because of how overwhelmed I feel everyday by the changes going on in my life. Changes I want and need but that are still overwhelming.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rant - readers Beware

Why is it that as artists we allow excuses? Why would it be okay to not work at art? Students of art frequently come to my classes with excuses as to why they did not practice or do the assigned exercises ~ saying ..... "I didn't have time" , "I meant to ..." , "Oh you know how it is, my life is so hectic" If I taught a math class I doubt they would all feel the same way towards the assignments.

Why do we allow ~ and it is allow ~ Why do we allow "life" to stop art? Why do we choose to not make art at times? Why do we allow other areas of life to put roadblocks in our chosen path?

I make art.
As a stress release = I make art.
As a way to deal with "life" = I make art.
As a way to earn an income = I make art.

I'm not sure what is worse - those who come to class and do not try OR those who stop by and say .... "I wish I had the time to do ___" - "I would love to take a class but I don't have the time." - "Oh, I hope to be able to play after I retire." Leaping Lizards people! We CHOOSE to do what we do each day. We choose to walk where we walk each day. The times in my life I have let art become less of a focus are of my own choosing. I usually regret the choice later but I do know it was my choice.

Here is to a New Year of choices. I am thankful to have a New Year in which to make art and cultivate friendships. A New Year to grow and seek a healthy path. Walk with me - let's make Art.

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Dusting off the old blog - don't breathe in too deeply 

I've not taken pix of my work lately - need to get back into the habit so for now I will just post pictures to inspire - what would you make from one of these pics? Which one would you use? None? All?  Would you be literal? Just use the colors and go of on your own? An abstract? Please comment and tell me what you would do

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Monday, April 02, 2007

Getting back on track

Still not finished with art quilt from the sketch in my last post. Somehow it is just not sparking my interest. Perhaps I'll go back to the sketch book and start anew. This canvas above was made using adobe clay paints in the traditional colors for used on adobe houses. The one blue square is more of a cobalt shade and the other colors are a little more crisp in person. This was the color inspiration for the background in the sketch below.

I am also working on my round robin page for FiberDiary and two other challenges. The Journal Quilt project and Remember Me challenge ideas are simmering on the back burner till I get the Self-Expression piece and RR book page done. Also due VERY soon are some birthday postcards. Wow! I need to get busy!

Monday, March 12, 2007

New Sketch

Dual Layer sketches for QU class. This piece will finish to 16x20 or a little larger. The flower is still iffy as far as colorway and technique. The color blocked layer will probably be made with paints like the surface design pieces below. The colors will change some, with a more albuquerque - adobe red - for the bottom left corner. The other blocks may change to lighter shades - still staying in the adobe family. *Maybe a little resist and dye for depth. +Stamping and stitching for texture. After the background is pieced I will start on the flower, keeping with the what if game. _OR_ This will all fall apart and back to the sketch book I go!

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Surface design

After cleaning my studio space a little bit, thanks Linda, I decided to paint some leftover pfd yardage. This white fabric was calling me away from tree scapes and challenges, round robins and postcards. Calling loudly. Okay, I know, it's an excuse not to get busy but it sounds better this way. Anyway, I painted the squares with setacolor paints and decided to sun-print them. I had bought a package of those flat glass pebbles not long ago and thought they would be perfect for the print. I like the way both pieces turned out. Not sure yet what they will become but I had so much fun painting them I already have plans for more.

After taking pix for the blog I tweaked them in photoshop a little and got this nifty colorway below. Now I may have to try it with paint.